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Chloe Hedden

Posted by Edward Barnett on

Chloe Hedden


Boulder, CO

"Hedden communicates the language of light. She believes that light is the luminous self made manifest in this world. Zooming in close to a dense cluster of glittering refraction, or delicate transparency and shadow, Hedden renders these microcosms on large canvases with her muscular brush strokes. Her pieces are actual portraits of a particular mineral or flower at a precise moment in time."

As an artist, Hedden looks for the unseen patterns and hidden narratives that reveal the magnificence in all things.  Robert Henri said, "Paint the spirit of the bird rather than its feathers."  There is a still point in every moment and to capture this essential luminescence is to acknowledge the ancient wisdom in all things. Hedden makes use of archetypes from the cultural and mystical history that connects all humans and all life forms.  Joseph Campbell said that artists are the shamans of our time. She believes that we have the ability as well as the obligation to find and share truth and offer direction to the greater community.  It is with this inspiration that she delves into the riches of the collective unconscious and the imagery and symbolism of her dreams to draw out something bigger than herself to share with the world.
Hedden was born and raised in Utah's wild red desert, but have had the great fortune to call many amazing places around the world my home. A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, she am as comfortable painting large oils as she am illustrating children’s books. In 2007, she won an International Creativity award in the category of commercial illustration for “The Peaceful Warrior.” Her first children’s book, “The Illuminated Desert,” written by Terry Tempest Williams and published by the Canyonlands Natural History Association in 2008, won The Mountains and Plains Bookseller’s Award for Best Children’s Book.

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