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Danny Doya

Posted by Travis Strote on

Danny Doya

Danny Doya / / Miami, Florida

How he started and how he got to where he is today.

His parents migrated to Miami from Colombia in 1990. He was born in Opa-Locka and started drawing at the age of five, experimenting with paints at 13. Doya is a Miami based artist that specializes in oil paintings and large-scale murals. He was placed in advanced art courses in high school, and went on to get his bachelors in fine arts through the BFA program at Florida State University. Shortly after graduating, Danny started to work with galleries, sell his work internationally and even began seeing his paintings tattooed on people around the world.

About the Art.
As an artist, he is most proud of the works that once seemed impossible to him. Whether it is trying new concepts and mediums on canvas or creating a seven-story mural. To him, growth and comfort do not coexist. In his paintings, he currently juxtapose figurative subject matter with a translatable codex unique to his aesthetic in order to generate a meaningful dialogue. He uses an ornate script developed over the years to weave personal narrative into his work, an attempt to harmonize a relationship between the figurative and abstract.

The Struggle.
Besides learning from failures and setbacks, the perception of art as impractical has weighed on him since the funding for his art program began to get cut. He started to ask himself, "when did my passion become impractical? Why are so many boundaries being drawn between what I truly love and me?" At one point, he strayed away from traditional studio art and focused on web and graphic design. He was making logos and letterheads for start-up companies when he realized he was rarely creating anything he was passionate about, let alone enjoying the creative process. Luckily, now there’s a new generation of artists with entrepreneurial mindsets a new generation that is a reverse-engineering success in an environment that is shifting towards a more accepting ecosystem for creators. He says, "I couldn’t be more excited about this."


      • www.DannyDoya.com

      • @DannyDoya

      • Featured Art Piece / / Untitled, Mural in Downtown West Palm Beach

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