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Kyla Alty

Posted by Edward Barnett on

Kyla Alty


Calgary, Alberta CAN.
My artwork takes a curious look at nature. Inspired by the natural world and the line in which it offers; whether a horizon line or a mountain range, i like to deconstruct what i see and take a more suggestive and surreal approach to my paintings. Colour is my life line... and nature always offers the perfect palette to pull from. 
I like to let the painting process happen naturally, I never have an exact idea of what I will create. I paint scapes using bright, bold colours. My paintings come alive through layers of paint and ink being added and wiped away. The building up and taking away of layers is where the magic happens. Through this process I can see which direction each painting will take me. 
My current work has quickly evolved from cloud patterns and formations to exploring mountain, land and seascapes. I will continue to explore this world and capture its beautiful lines. 

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