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Nate Schweigert

Posted by Edward Barnett on

Nate Schweigert


Pensacola, FL
You may have guessed from my business name that my name is Nate and if so, you'd be right. The name developed when I traveled a lot after college. Posting lots of pictures of the world, people began to make jokes about me being @Nate.Geo. Nevertheless, it stuck. As I have traveled far and wide, one thing has been constant: nature. And its ability to speak. The human life is so complex, but in its return to nature it become quite simple. Nature exists mostly outside the house, but in a desire for it to speak indoors as well, I bought tons of plants and began to paint. That was a few years ago now, and I haven't stopped since. Both painting and buying plants. Follow my adventures on instagram at @nate.geo. The earth (geo) is speaking, we need only time to sit and listen.

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