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Sustainable Fashion: Our Yoga Attire Runs Deep

Posted by Edward Barnett on

Sustainable Fashion: Our Yoga Attire Runs Deep

Sustainable yoga clothing is not always made equal. Yogavated Athletics knows that making ethical athletic wear means making a commitment to the production of high quality clothing that creates a positive impact on the environment that stretches past its origins in Orlando to New York and beyond. That is why we value the production of our items as well as the sourcing of our materials so highly. We know that what we do impacts the world around us and we seek to be a source of good in the fashion industry and in the world. To learn more about our mission and our products, contact us at Yogavated Athletics.


What Does Our Sustainable Yoga Clothing Really Mean?


When you think about the food that you put on your plate and in your body, you probably worry about where it came from and where it goes. Many of us make an effort to eat healthily and to purchase organic foods. We put in the same effort to recycling our scraps and making sure that we do not waste food. If you place that much attention in the food that you eat, why not also turn that same attention to your clothes?

We are so proud to say that we make all of our clothing items right in our own office. Every single stitch on every piece that we ship out is hand made by one of our team using fabric that was hand selected by us. We select our fabric from recycled scraps sourced from big box retail brands right here in the United States. Because fashion and the production of clothing has such an impact on pollution and the health of our environment, we make sure to control the waste that we put out. Rather letting our scraps go into the garbage, we make sure to recycle our material to make hang tag strings, headbands, reusable rags, and dog beds. We want to ensure that our carbon footprint is as small as possible.


Our Goals for Ethical Athletic Wear in the Future


We know that what we do can make a real impact in the environment but it may not be all that we can do. That is why we have more plans for the future so that we can shift the fast fashion production in the industry from being so wasteful to something far more sustainable where the focus is in environmental and social awareness. We believe that this is entirely possible and we know that, as we gain more and more people who believe in our capabilities, that we will be able to spread our impact even further. To learn more about Yogavated Athletics and all that we can do for you, contact us today or visit our website.


Contact Us


Yogavated Athletics is a sustainable yoga clothing company based out of Orlando but our reach extends to fashionistas and innovators in New York and all over the country. We strive to make sure that when we say that we produce ethical athletic wear, that it actually means something. To learn more about our products and our sourcing, contact us.

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