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There is More to Our Scrunch Butt Bottoms Than Meets the Eye

Posted by Travis Strote on

There is More to Our Scrunch Butt Bottoms Than Meets the Eye

It is too often the problem that even the most beautiful leggings are not built to support you through a workout. At Yogavated Athletics, we have created shaping yoga pants that can support any yogi and athlete from California to Florida. With our Scrunch Butt Bottoms, you don’t just wear comfortable leggings, you wear leggings that are built for movement. This means that you can wear them without worrying about them being too sheer. As a sustainable activewear brand, we believe high-quality products can be achieved without sacrificing a commitment to the environment. If you would like to learn more about our services, contact us at Yogavated Athleticstoday.  


Shaping Yoga Pants of the Highest Quality


Many women face the same problem: they invest in high end yoga wear only to discover that the quality of the material is lacking or that the stretch itself cannot hold against the pressures of working out. They then feel as though they have to choose: functionality and durability or aesthetic pleasure.

This should not have to be a dilemma. We at Yogavated Athletics know that there is a middle ground and we create our products squarely in that middle ground. With our innovative design and our quality materials, we are able to create products that are both beautiful and functional.

The aesthetics of our leggings are drawn from real artists who create their artworks by hand. We then take that piece and transfer it onto our leggings so that they retain the integrity of the original but fit perfectly on a piece of clothing. We then take the time to give the artist the credit that they are due by featuring them on our social media channels as well as our website.

The functionality of our leggings comes from the manufacturers that we select for the materials that we use. We make sure that the companies that provide us with our fabric are as responsible as we are in supporting the environment and their workers. Through this, we are able to create a balance that is both responsible and worthwhile.


Are You Looking for Sustainable Activewear?


We know that the search for sustainable clothing can be a tough one. Options are expanding as the years pass but even still, companies are not always transparent about the sourcing for their supplies and you may end up disappointed in a company you believed to be responsible to the environment and the workforce. Yogavated Athletics has, since its inception, sought to be the exception to the rule. We have always made it part of our mission to provide sustainable activewear and we will continue to do so and expand upon our sustainability initiative.


Contact Us


Yogavated Athletics is located in Orlando, Florida but we are always seeking to expand our message of motivation and positivity all over the country, from California to New York. If you are interested in learning more about our shaping yoga pants or you would like a pair for yourself, feel free to contact us at Yogavated Athleticstoday.

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