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Our Story


The story of Yogavated is one of fate. Travis, a creative artist in all forms of life, met Haley, a master at design and knitwear through their love and passion for yoga. Shortly after meeting they both knew they were meant to create something great. They both met for only the second time at a French Bakery in Downtown Orlando where they dreamed up a brand of Activewear with original art from local artist and the energy those art pieces had behind them to motivate the person wearing the clothes. On that day, July 26th 2015, Yogavated was born. A brand of original Activewear that motivates the inspired to push further, run faster, breathe deeper, and smile bigger.
Yogavated Athletics connects fashion with the arts by collaborating with local artists to create sweat clothes that are functional, comfortable, & limited edition for the yoga, athleisure and activewear market. Each limited-edition line features original artwork that showcases unique meanings, symbolism & expression. Every art piece featured on our activewear has a motivational montra from the artist that encompases the energy behind the artwork. We hope that you carry that energy with you when wearing our clothes. By combining artists with talented designers, Yogavated connects art & practice with fashion in a product that is more than a piece of clothing...its an intention, its the art of motivation... Its Yogavated.
Founder & Chief Dreamer
Originally from Cocoa Beach, Florida, Travis Strote returned to Central Florida in 2015 after five years of service in the United States Navy as a medical laboratory scientist. Today, a social entrepreneur driven by his passion to fuse art and fashion in an environmentally-conscious way.
Founder & Lead Designer
Haley Byfield, originally from Orlando, Florida moved to New York City at the young age of 17 upon graduation at Lyman High School to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology. Byfield has been creating fashion her entire life, beginning with a love for knitting and blossoming into a cutting-edge fashion designer during her years at FIT. Haley has experienced great success throughout her education including winning the title of Best Designer 2015 at the Fusion Fashion Show and then bestowed the honor of opening the show in 2016. The coveted title has opened many doors for Byfield and strengthened her dedication to fitness and desire to support and collaborate with other artists in the Activewear industry. Byfield and her collaborative partner and emerging social entrepreneur, Travis Strote, have designed a new line of women’s Activewear -- Yogavated™.