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Kinetic Rise Legging
Kinetic Rise Legging
Kinetic Rise Legging
Kinetic Rise Legging
Kinetic Rise Legging
Kinetic Rise Legging Kinetic Rise Legging Kinetic Rise Legging Kinetic Rise Legging

Kinetic Rise Legging

$96.00 USD (See size chart}

Our popular full length Rise Leggings will strike your feminine side with the knee-high art placement that not only elongates the leg for added grace but also allows you to view the art piece all around from any pose. Confidence is the first step to happiness & these leggings will take you there.


Engineered To Feel Like A Comfortable Embrace Throughout, It Hugs Your Skin Like Butter High waistband (with fold over option) Keeps you feeling covered and secure Optional Heel Hook for those yogis that like to practice with leggings hooked under foot The No-Dig Waistband lays flat, softly on your skin Model Stats / / Waist 25"; Hips 34"; Height 5'11"; Wears Size XS 



Antimicrobial • Sweat Wicking • 4-Way Stretch YV Motivation™ fabric New Navy Compression Jersey Fabric, 90% Supplex Nylon 10% Spandex Techno-fabric that's breathable and sweat-wicking to keep your skin cool during hot and sweaty workouts. Eco-friendly, non-toxic dyeing process that produces fade-free, bleed-free vibrant color with no white on stretching. Machine wash cold, air dry



"The Wave, an unstoppable kinetic force of nature sweeping over everything in its path. Without judgment or favoritism, waves shape & strengthen all they come in contact with. Be the force of the wave shaping & strengthening the world around you. Be unstoppable, be kinetic."

Helena Stein / / St Petersburg, Florida

Helena Stein is an artist living in St. Pete, Florida, inspired by the sun and sea. Using resin and vibrant inks, I take advantage of the fluidity of the media to allow me to evoke the power and movement of my environment. Growing up, I spent summers at the beach and all my free time as a swimmer. Now living on the coast, the water still energizes me. It gives me a feeling of contentment and peace, even when whatever is going around me is anything but calm. When I create a piece, I want the beauty and strength of the water to touch others. To me, it is the most beautiful element. In a time where stress and chaos are "normal," I hope to use my art to remind you that there is beauty in our world. If it's not the water for you, it's still somewhere. You just have to allow yourself to see it.
      • www.HelenaSteinArt.com

      • @HelenaSteinArt

      • Featured Art Piece / / Wave 20" X 20" Mixed Media, Resin on Canvas 

      Yogavated size chart extra small small medium large extra large double XL activewear tops and bottoms